Thursday, September 10, 2009

Daily outfit: Thursday, September 10

Bit late today and sadly didn't have time for Tuesday's, which
featured my recently finished summery, stripey jersey dress - will
hopefully be a repeat anyway.

My lovely mum took me shopping as an early birthday pressie (the big
day of cake is Saturday) to Filene's Basement, the happiest place on
earth! After about an hour of rummaging, I turned up with about seven
fancy scarves way out of our budget (Diane Von Fursterberg, Lacquoix,
Valentino) and one coat (Ben Sherman). Mum talked me off the scarf
smorgasbord and into some colorful wooly leggings (green and purple!
Not together, different pairs, the coat and this shirt, below. It's
lovely and sheer and rufflery and floral! Hoping to pair with a
pencil skirt, when I don't have to bike to the station, hence the more
practical jeans today.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Daily outfit: Sunday, September 6

Off to brunch at Amanda and Joe's to celebrate the closing on their
new house! Keeping it comfy for the warm day and onslaught of pancakes
and eggs!

Dress - Mum's, made by her for her engagement party
Shoes - Also mum's, by Nicole
Scarf - Mum's too (sensing a pattern here?)
Bracelet - Gift from the aforementioned Amanda, J. Crew

Friday, September 4, 2009

Daily outfit, Friday September 4

Thanks to the ongoing cool mornings, I had to complete this outfit
with a black cashmere sweater, which looks pretty darling. Will try
and get a pic of it later.

Scarf - H&M
Catsuit - American Apparel
Tunic/Dress - Morgan
Belt - Morgan
Shoes - Nine West
Earrings - gift from Amanda BH, made from old soda cans. Love repurposed/upcycled fashion!
Bracelet - gift from Amanda C, J Crew

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Daily outfit take 2!

hubbie took this one, with out lil' dog shadow at my feet. not sure how much better this one looks - maybe outside is the way to go?

daily outfit, thursday september 3

Here's my first attempt at sending pics from my phone to my blog. Not sure how well this will work...

EDIT: well, i think i'm getting the hang of it! am editing online since i can't imagine how i'd do that via email. hoping to have a regular "daily outfit" post but have got to figure out how to get better pics, with me taking them, via my iphone. anyone got any tips?

but on with this outfit.
dress: made by me (and my mum) from vintage liberty fabric she bought before i was born. from a '70s burda pattern. absolutely love that it has big pockets, a matching belt (which we also made) and scarf to boot!

cardigan: j.crew. really need to buy another one of these because i wear it all the time, and it needs a break sometimes. just waiting for one to go on sale...

leggings: target!

hat: vintage, bought in asheville.

acorn bracelet: j.crew, gift from amanda. wear this pretty much every day and love it - acorns have such cool imagery, and amanda knows i have a special affinity for the little oak seeds. in college i thought it might be a good idea to get one tattooed on my leg, but amanda quickly put a stop to that, reminding me it would look like a little smudge of dirt. so she's happy to buy me jewelery etc to satisfy my love for acorns.

will try and get a better pic of this outfit later today, cos this was a bit blurry and not too stylish. hope everyone enjoys the new angle of the blog!



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