Friday, January 25, 2008

climb on board y o u's yacht rock party

i couldn't decide which vids to put up here so they're all going up!

watch nick taking it to the streets:

and taking it to the streets again:

such a fine girl:

check out the smooth moooves:

more smooth moves, until someone's bloody big head intervenes:

pics and commentary will be next.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

the selmanaires do indeed rock

unfortunately i did have to leave the fab-dabby-dosy instore at criminal records early last night. fortunately it was because my hubbie was finally back from sundance. hurrah!

anyway, got to catch anna kramer who was rad, and a nice bite-sized portion of the selmanaires. i'm still getting use to this camera (read: i can't take photos to save my life). so forgive the naff quality.

and, as i tried to avoid the crazy red-eye effect, here's some crazy blurry pics too.

wah-hey! crazy selmanaires shaking action! rock 'n' roll!

i'll be at the saturday cd release party at the earl and will hopefully get some better shots and of course will be there until the gig's done and done. i'll be wearing a flowery dress - say hello!

Monday, January 21, 2008

more y-o-u for your buck

following my extreme lameness this past thursday (i had to miss out on the fab-dabby-dosy monthly fun that is big trouble in little five points, presented by my own southeast performer mag) i will be making it back out to the rock 'n' roll world in full force this week. deadline is over, i'm having a good bath and early night tonight to batter the chances of getting sick, and y o u is rocking out yacht style. oh and it's early so i can be in bed before 1 a.m. this time! huzzah!

from the band's blog:

The Yacht Rock Revue Kicks Off an EARLY Surprise Party

so this week is yacht rock, and we're bringing some new soft rock hits to the table. also, 3 dog stevens will weigh in (via satellite) on their disappointment at not being involved in the event. they say they're gonna drop mad knowledge on what yacht (sandal) rock is really all about.

development 1: since we're on a week night, we've decided to move up the start time for those who have bedtimes. 8:30 doors, 9:30 show, and plenty of time to get enough sleep for casual friday. what better water cooler talk is there? mark cobb pretending to vomit onstage during a gordon lightfoot song? EVERYbody loves that, right?

anyways, development 2: we've got some sweet surprises in march. rock ranging from southern to '80s to hair to epic. a massive event that will distort the lines between web and reality. dial back here soon so we can spill the proverbial beans...

nicholas and y o u

see y'all there. oh and see everyone at the selmanaires/anna kramer show saturday. the next morning i'll be setting sail on the barenaked ladies (the band, not nude women) ships 'n' dips cruise. am working on not being too fangirl-obsessive.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

snow mutts

here's a coupla shots from the snowy day yesterday. as you can see the dogs were less concerned about posing and more excited about getting back inside the house.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

the selmanaires are rad

just to show my excitement for the selmanaires' show next weekend:

The Selmanaires (Live in Atlanta)-Broken Mirrors in the Mud

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this is, i believe, the first track from their new album, the release of which they'll be celebrating at a show at the earl next saturday. with anna kramer. so rad.

Monday, January 14, 2008

performer presents big trouble in little five points

hey all, guess where i'll be this thursday night?

damn straight. free rock 'n' roll from some of the southeast's finest, courtesy of southeast performer and pop death squad.

Friday, January 11, 2008

look at the mug on him!

by popular demand from my public (ok, from julia), i thought i'd put up a pic of the rad mug that arrived in the mail for me today, courtesy of the legend that is mitch easter. fidelitorium studios is his lovely creative home in north carolina, and i just had the pleasure of interviewing him for southeast performer's march issue. be sure to keep an eye out for it.

there it in, on a stack of this month's fab issue featuring the black kids on the cover. i'm hoping that fidelitorium studios will start selling their merch - so cute!

thanks mitch!

dark side of oz pics

here's some pics from last night, taken by the wonderful julia (check our her blog fear or arthropods), who is now interning at paste and still writing for us at southeast performer.

needless to say it was so rad. i mean, so many favorite things - y o u, judy garland, pink floyd. and the band played spot on, just perfect, complete with an additional ax man and sax player who blew my miiiiiiind dude. so rad.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

dark side of y o u

this is what i'll be doing tomorrow night:

this week y o u will be hosting a video extravaganza, including playing in sync with their own vids and playing dark side of the moon with the wizard of oz. oh and all saints open. it's at the 10 high, starts around 10. see ya there!

Friday, January 4, 2008

sense, sensibility, senseless

this telegraph quiz is just made for the jane austen dorks like myself. and it's also a great excuse to put up a dashing picture of lovely alan rickman as col. brandon.

there he is. mmmmm.

anyway, back to the quiz. it basically lets you know which character (elinor, marianne, mrs jennings) from sense and sensibility you are most like. i'm happy to report i'm mostly elinor, followed very closely by mrs jennings (who i always thought got a bad rap, and naturally relate to her as my own hubbie and brother told me i was loud and embarrassing last night after i was talking about boogers in a shop too loudly. but i digress...) with only one point for the sappy, daft marianne.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

y o u's big surprise

and in can any of you are wondering what i'll be doing every thursday that is not our performer presents, i'll be at the 10 high celebrating all that is y o u. singer nick's myspace bulletin:

Happy '08 to All! Our resolution is to throw a kickass party every Thursday night - the Surprise Party. You never know what you're going to see, but you know it will be some combination of original music, comedy, film, and tunes you know and love mixed together like you've never seen (except for when we've done it before.)

Curtis and the 10 High have given us permission to do anything we want. Uh-oh. Come check one out - you'll see what we mean. Here's the lineup for January:

1/3 FLEETWOOD MAC ATTACK - The greatest hits of the Mac, performed with such acccuracy that there will even be some former lovers singing together! Opening will be Troy Bieser (Telegram), Gareth Asher, and Emily Kate Boyd, all of whom will perform a shorrt solo set and a short set with Y O U as their backing band.

1/10 THE DARK SIDE OF THE RAINBOW - Y O U performs Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon in perfect synchronization with The Wizard of Oz. Psych-ATLiens All the Saints will open the show, and Y O U will also perform an original set featuring several songs performed in sync with their music videos.

1/17 KINGSIZED - The gregarious Mike Geier leads backing band Y O U through a set of high-energy lounge music, if there is such a thing. Garage-core vets the Lizard Men will prep the crowd. Expect smooth video lovin' and a new episode of A Day in the Life of a Rock Musician Children's Film Strip by Y O U.

1/24 THE YACHT ROCK REVUE - Atlanta's smoothest band (Y O U and friends) performs your fave '70s dentist office rock, including Steely Dan, Michael McDonald, Kenny Loggins, Christopher Cross, Ambrosia, etc. Comedy sketches by Y O U will pepper the set on the video screens.

1/31 INDIE ROCK TRANSFORMERS - The Red Coats (formerly Second Shift), Trances Arc, and the Empties join Y O U for a night of instrument and band member swapping independent orginal madness.

If you are a musician, filmmaker, comedian, or artist and have an idea or want to get involved, shoot us a message. We want to collaborate with as many creatives as possible.

Atlanta is bigger than the "showcase" music scene, and it's time to let it flow. See you Thursdays...

Nicholas / Y O U

performer presents/pop death squad/big trouble in little five points

it doesn't get any better than this. three fab performer-approved bands, for free. be there.

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