Thursday, December 18, 2008

to a freelance writer none of this may seem too funny...

all together now! bill dyszel has managed to make our horrible situation in the world of publishing pretty amusing and entertaining. and let's be honest, when the world of media as well writers know it comes crashing down around our heads, especially with the holidays fast approaching, it's all we can do but make up a silly song about it (with the music courtesy of the hilariously witty gilbert and sullivan) and have a good laugh. set to "i am the very model of a modern major general" from pirates of penzance, this song chronicles the demise of many a magazine this year. so funny and so sad.

hope you have a good chuckle whilst raising a glass to those who have passed on this year. let's hope next year will be better!

Monday, December 1, 2008

exploring the explorers club

yet again it's been a while since my last blog post. which is just what you get when the holidays take over and deadlines go crazy. not to mention the mag i run, southeast performer, is, along with it's sister pubs on the west coast and in the northeast, is changing formats. there will be an official press release in the coming weeks, but essentially the regional mags will be turning digital, which means we'll have more room for more bands, as well as the capacity to put in videos and songs of the featured bands alongside the articles, which is pretty sweet. we'll still have the print mag, but it'll be like a reader's digest of all three regional editions, choosing from the best bits to make one super-duper awesome mag.

anyway, like i mentioned, we'll have videos from the featured acts, such as this one, the explorers club, a great band from south carolina, who will be the southeast spotlight in our special brian wilson edition for december (out very soon!). as you will hear by your own ears, they were a perfect choice for the brian wilson edition.

lovely stuff. perfectly adorable, luscious beach boys-inspired gloriousness.