Tuesday, July 31, 2007

completely cained

it almost sounds too humorous to be true. but this man isn't one to fuck around.
the deadpan british actor sir michael caine will be releasing a chill-out compilation full of his own favorite mellow tracks handpicked from his own library. and he's calling it cained
apparently, according to gigwise, caine says he has made "thousands of tapes" compiled of such music.
i'm trying for the life of me to come up with a cool michael caine quote to match this story... any ideas?

poor deerhunter lads

i read this on nme's site of all places. watch out for yourselves, kids.

bradford cox posted this on deerhunter's myspace blog...

"We got a friendly homecoming surprise last night in Atlanta when Lockett and I got robbed at gunpoint after our show at Lenny's last night. We literally had just walked off the stage and I was pretty wasted.

"I heard a commotion behind us but like I said I was pretty out of it. I just opened the door to the car and collapsed in the passenger seat. Then I heard all this yelling and I hear this loud metallic banging on the window and look up and there is a gun in my face and a guy yelling "get the fuck out the car man" I stumbled out and see the other guy has Lockett with his arms spread on the roof of his car and is patting him down.

"Lockett was begging them to leave me alone. The guy put his gun up to my temple and said, 'Give me EVERYTHING motherfucker I ain't fucking with you.' I just mumbled something and he put his hands in my pants and took everything I had. My cellphone, my wallet (empty except for credit/bank cards which Kristin immediately cancelled, and about 450 dollars in cash I had for my rent.) They also got all of Lockett's money. They even took my fucking Camel Ultralights and Orange Bic. All I can say is that I'm glad we are not dead."

just glad you guys are safe and sound. hope they find the cunts who robbed you!

Monday, July 30, 2007

the best in cheap'n'trendy

at last! [repost from the lovely shopgirl at atlanta magazine]...

"Well, it’s official: H&M finally signed its lease with Atlantic Station and is set to open there next spring. I’m imagining IKEA-like crowds and wondering if I just won’t wait for it all to die down before I go . . . but the temptation may be too great. Will you be able to resist?

H&M (Hennes & Mauritz) is long known for cheap chic styles and its collaborations with designers such as Stella McCartney, Madonna, and as of this fall, Roberto Cavalli. With shops in 28 countries, it’s crazy, in my opinion, that H&M is just now hitting Atlanta."

hurrah for the onslaught of cute, affordable rags - i'll be first in line!

Friday, July 27, 2007

those ladies of leisure

these chicks rock. seriously, the coathangers are the most fun you can have at any atlanta show, clothes on or off. and they are our (southeast performer) august cover! since the issue is hitting the streets today, i'm putting up the cover on this here blog before it graces the southeast performer website or myspace page.

so please check out the girls whenever you can - on their myspace page or even better, live at our very own performer presents show, august 31 at the drunken unicorn.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

nuci's space benefit - sunday july 29

just a quick word for you athens folks...

nuci's space is holding an event - the wyburn street fair - to raise money for their cause (see below). there'll be food, arts+crafts and, of course, music from athens bands like dark meat, ginger envelope, sleepy horses, dead confederate, mother jackson and more.

check nuci.org for more details.

"Nu├ži’s Space is a non-profit health and music resource center in Athens, GA. The aim of the organization is to prevent suicide by providing obstacle free treatment for musicians suffering from depression and other such disorders as well as to assist in the emotional, physical and professional well-being of musicians."

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

spawn of outkast, future of atlanta music

if you haven't heard janelle monae yet, you'd best get to listenin'!

taking off where gnarls barkley and outkast just left off, her wicked sexed-up-by-prince, funkified-by-parliament, futurefied-by-daft-punk, retrofied-by-james-brown tunes are going to soon be stuff of atlanta music legend. i'm so all a-bout-it-bout-it.

janelle monae

now get that shit on your stereo.


thanks to paste girl caren, i have yet another way to banish my harry potter blues:

see potter puppet pals for more hilarity, including one of my faves, wizard angst. brilliant.

and in other puppet news, the rumor is that the muppets will be back on the air soon, with the legendary macca to serve as first musical guest. mediabistro says:

"Never mind that both Jim Henson's and McCartney's people deny the production, we need something to believe in.

Mahna mahna!"

i second that.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

cry me a muggle

having just finished the last book in the epic harry potter serier, i'm feeling especially low this week. and when i say "just finished," i mean i finished about midafternoon saturday. yes folks, being the geek that i am, i went to a harry potter party friday night with my hubbie tim and good mate and fellow geekie muggle amanda brown, got the book at midnight and went home and read until about 4 a.m. at which point i went to bed, pretty frustrated with the lack of action.

by the way, if you haven't read the book and are meaning to, buggar off now. if you have already read the book or don't mind being told everything - and how i cried like a little girl about all of it - by all means, stick around. just don't say i didn't warn you. as the fansites say, spoiler alert!

so as if my alan rickman/snape-is-good obsession couldn't get any worse. first of all - totally right about the lily-and-snape connection. though i would never have thought they were best mates since age 7 - i knew there was something! in my old-fashioned heart-of-hearts i thought they would have gotten married if he hadn't said the "m-word" ... ok that might be a little far-fetched, and tim thinks it's plain daft, but i reckon snape's a far better character than bloody james. he was an arse.

and how about his worst memory being so because of his love for lily?? i didn't really figure that out until the next day and it set me off bawling. much to tim's amusement - heartless git! who didn't have their heart broken by that whole memory chapter? oh and you know that hunk-of-dark-mysterious alan rickman will play that whole thing and crush you. sniffle.

and the one thing i was looking forward to most was lupin and tonks. had my heart set on the moment they got to live happily ever after i did, and after all lupin's whining and gut-wrenching torment, he finally resolves all of it with his son's birth... and they both die. i mean, really!

but the worst of it is, there won't be any more theorizing for what will come in the next book, because there won't be any. knowing that I can't check mugglenet for rumors and news, because there won't really be any more speculation - at least none that can ever be answered - almost makes me sadder than loosing my favorite characters (yes, snape, lupin and tonks - all my faves).

all that trying to figure everything out made the book more like agatha christie's finest work than j.k. tolkein's. i love a good mystery, much more than fantasy, and that's what harry potter was - a great mystery. it was also something that united this whole random community. all these people i had something in common with who i wouldn't dream of knowing in any other way. all of a sudden i'm listening to these school/college/grown-up kids wax theoretic about what the covers mean, where the horcruxes are, why lily's eyes are significant ("look at me!" will always make me tear up from now on! seeing rickman doing that will have me sobbing for a week), will harry and ginny live happily every after and have lots of babies (apparently, yes, which was nice after all). and then we're even emailing in - tim included! - trying to get our theories discussed on the air... well, pod-air. by the way, if you are a potter-fan, definitely sign up to mugglenet's mugglecast. these kids are amazing - extremely eloquent and coming up with brilliant ideas. it's like a ramped-up version of ap english, but without the misery that was wuthering heights.

anyway, to cheer up you and me and everyone else who just finished the last book and is still sobbing, check this out...

snape's too sexy

EDIT #2: have found the video on youtube so now it's here for your enjoyment...

hahahahahahahahahahahahaha! oh dear that one had me cracking up over and over again.

UPDATE: after chatting with my bro about jo not answering all those questions... he said it was obvious who the magic-later-in-life person was - none other than squib-turned-death-eater, stanley shunpike! shock and horror. thoughts?