Sunday, December 30, 2007

holly jolly beachy holiday

we went to orlando right after christmas to visit tim's family, who were staying with his brother's wife's family. tim's brother is about to ship himself and his family off to africa where they will be missionaries. so we're trying to get as much time with them as possible before they cross the pond.

we got to go to dolly's dixie stampede and the beach and eat raw oysters (at least i did) all in the same day. wicked. i got a dolly key chain.

here are some more beach pics:


our nephew watson and some feet


stephen (tim's bro) and tim

Friday, December 28, 2007

simply having a wonderful brit xmastime

just thought i'd share with some of y'all what xmastime is like in our house - brit-style. mum made the full works - yorkshire pudding, brussel sprouts, roast potatoes and parsnips, mince pies, christmas pudding. i did sticky toffee pudding, and grossly overestimated how much the four of us would eat so there was unfortunately a fair bit leftover which wouldn't keep.

here are some pics in case what i mentioned above is all greek to you.

brussel sprouts


yorkshire pudding

and of course we had christmas crackers:

hence me in a paper hat. and here's tim in a paper hat too:

more pics later...

Thursday, December 13, 2007

be on the cover of southeast performer with Y O U

i'm just gonna nick (no pun intended) what the band posted. as with everything Y O U, it's gonna be rad. i mean, i'm going and i wouldn't be going if it wasn't going to be rad.

SE PERFORMER COVER SHOOT - We need YOU to join us on the cover of this music magazine. This Sunday in the Piedmont Park meadow or lawn or whatever - you know, where Dave Matthews played. We're meeting at 3:30 and it should be quick and painless, we just need lots of extras. Be yourself?

Monday, December 10, 2007

heads down and focus music

y'all, i'm trying for the life of me to concentrate on my editing but am getting hella distracted by the on-coming hols and what comes with it - holiday shopping. no to mention it's a crazy 70-something-degrees outside, and therefore i'd like to be out there. in december. freaky.

so, i've been trying to add to my list of "focus on work" music, most of which tends to be soothing and instrumental so as not to distract. like most of badly drawn boy's stuff on the about a boy soundtrack.

can anyone make any suggestions? give a girl a break.


Monday, December 3, 2007

daily dose of cuteness

have you met tara? also known as tara-bara, tara-dactyl, tara-ist, tara firma, tara-byte... i could go on.

the crazy mutt fell into our lives august/september time. she was a surprise birthday present gone horribly wrong. my brother thought she'd be a great gift to my mum. but, seeing as tara has the same energy and crazy levels as keith moon - and the same tendency to knock things over, rip everything apart and destroy treasured possessions - and my mum gets very nervous and has never had a dog let alone a mad golden lab pup, they weren't a good match.

so one day i suggested we take tara for the day so mum could chill out. we already have two dogs and a big fenced-in yard so the pup could let off some steam.

we went to pick her up and mum asks if we don't mind having her overnight. which was fine. the next day mum says maybe it's best if tara doesn't come back. bless her.

she's definitely in a better place with us. still crazy but surely mellowing a lot. and here she is, in all her adorable puppy glory:

how can you say no to that? well, we do, often. especially when she's chewing on the sofa. tara, no. or chewing on shadow, our terrier mutt. tara, no. sigh.

get ur nails done wit kid sister and kanye

this video is wicked. get past the intro and it's pure gold (no pun on the label name, fool's gold). the break dancin' fingers are priceless.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

wizards swear too

hurrah! a new potter puppet pal video! this might be the first since book 7 came out. and naturally it's cute and hilarious.

also, in other tech news, the bloody itunes widgets are on the blink again. argh!