Monday, October 29, 2007

speaking of paste...

if you haven't subscribed, you pretty much can't beat this. thank the lovely radiohead for giving the paste folks the inspiration.

pay what you want for paste!

oh and this offer is only available for a short while so hop on it!

paste rocks guitar hero

this is so rad...

thanks to tim's lovely bro stephen for sending us the pics.

Friday, October 26, 2007

no annuals tonight

just a quick note for those planning to go to the manchester orchestra show tonight. headliners annuals have canceled, being stuck in europe. bummer.

get your band heard on bbc 6

there's no way to be smart and clever in this subject header without seeming daft, so i'm just telling it like it is. bbc 6 music, the music geek's radio station, which i therefore naturally love, has a new show with tom robinson that will be featuring only unsigned acts. there's a link here where you can let them know about your band or your fave unsigned band that they should play. i've already gone ahead and gushed to them about janelle monĂ¡e, and am getting ready to think up a smart quip about the coathangers. rock on bbc.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

stop lord waldemart!

the kids at the harry potter alliance and a bunch of super-awesome wizard rock bands put this together to mark the one year anniversary of their first lord waldemart flick. watch and sign up to stop the evil lord waldemart!

first one:

second one:

funny... and true. well, a true parallel.

sign the petition and check out more info here

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

november performer presents is gonna be rad

along with our super-cool mates at pop death squad we bring you big trouble in little five points.

it's rock 'n' roll and it's free. you gotta be there.

Monday, October 22, 2007

cover stories

the lovely rock pop gallery has a new blog - well, a weekly column - detailing the stories of various cover art projects. music dorks - check out the website here

a-maizing maze

i had one of the loveliest southern-fall-tradition times this saturday with my various atlanta mag mates. we drove god-knows how far north (past dahlonaga!) to get to this wicked corn maze (maize maze... haha). then we had some dodgy country cooking (conclusion: good fried chicken. bad creamed corn. very scary blackened steak) and went on a wicked hayride under a stunning starry sky - so lovely.
oh and the country restaurant listed the yams as "candid." not candied.

customer: oooh yams
yams: quite frankly, that haircut doesn't suit you
customer: wow that's harsh
yams: i'm just being honest. i am candid you know

hopefully there'll be some pics from my mates later.

Friday, October 19, 2007

pumped for pumpkins

super-awesome time at kimberly's pumpkin carving party last night. check out the fruits of my labour... you might see a theme here.

that's right - it's a homestar runner cast of pumpkins!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

it's gonna be a wizard rockin' christmas

and speaking of geeky music-related stuff, the leaky cauldron just announced that they'll be selling a holiday album with songs from wizard rock bands like harry and the potters, the hermionie crookshanks experience, the parselmouths and my personal fave, the remus lupins (sigh). proceeds go to book aid international "to aid in their effort to install libraries in the places in the world that need them most." how awesome is that?? click on the leaky cauldron link above and order now folks!

singin' website

ok this is pretty much the best way to waste time since myspace came along - and to be honest it's far more entertaining. the folks at the chris moyles show on bbc radio 1 opened my eyes to the wonder of this site, let them sing it for you, which does what it says.

basically type in anything in the box that pops up (allow pop-ups from the page) and click the play button, and yeah, it sings it for you, using bits and pieces of songs from folks like prince and chris isaac. awesome. hours of endless entertainment! let me know what hilarious stuff you got it to say.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

brilliant people and their brilliant blogs

thanks to and mediabistro's fishbowl la, i now have two more blogs to obsessively check when i'm supposed to be working.

first to be added was kanye west's blog, which is choc-full of his ramblings on fashion and design, he tastes for which are impeccable (is that sentence even gramatically correct?). and while the stuff he muses about are way out of my price range ($3000 for a box of three ties? whu?) i can still appreciate the man's style.

next on the blogging block is the frankly insanely lovable stephen fry. i really do think this man is a certifiable genius - in both comedic and philosophical circles. he's put out some brilliant books, was part of the legendary cambridge footlights and has been a part of many a great cinematic/televised venture (comedic and dramatic). lately i was shocked to see him playing opposite ex-angel in bones, while that same hour his ex-comedy parter hug laurie was hobbling about on another channel. weird.

anyway, check them both out.