Friday, June 8, 2007

what a jackson hole!

well i'm here in the astonishingly beautiful jackson hole, wyoming - last outpost of the wild west apparently. while there are the usual tacky t-shirt stores and motels, we're staying in a little resort "village" (used here in that odd, posh way that only rich ski folk can use) far away from the "hustle and bustle" (used here in that ironic, dry way that only british people can use) of jackson hole itself. ours is a quaint little - almost authentic - german lodge called alpenhof. everything is pine and stenciled and they have a fondue special for dinner! i'm in!

everything smells different up here. it's almost like bavaria - crisp, clean and thin. absolutely glorious and nothing like atlanta's sticky, stinky, smoggy air. the land just goes on for miles and miles - so open and free of strip malls, wallmarts and the rest of it... with the exception of jackson hole's alpine-styled dairy queen and western laundromats, which are more amusing than irritating since they don't take up too much square footage, thank god.

so while tim goes off to watch depressing indie flicks, i'll be happily trekking along the paths of the national parks, steering clear of the skiers and mid-western families trailing along whiney kids and bad pants. hurrah for the great wide open!