Tuesday, June 19, 2012

first aid kit have me feeling "blue"

first aid kit have a lush new video that complements their lush americana harmonies, and all i can do is fall further in love with the haunting sounds that is produced by these lovely swedish sisters. faded glamor, a stunning estate, lots of vintage costume changes and a famed swedish actress to boot (ewa froling), the video has that dreamy sheen that leaves you questioning everything. very ingmar... the girls will be back in america this summer and fall, playing bulkhead theatre on october 4.

Monday, June 18, 2012

paul weller says happy birthday to macca with "birthday"

"they say it's your birthday..." it's the great sir paul mccartney's 70th birthday today. while you let that sink in (that's six years about he turned 64), head on over to amazon.com and download paul weller's version of the beatles' "birthday" for only 70 cents, the proceeds of which go to the brilliant war child charity. it's only available for today, so get a move on.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

richard hawley's "leave your body behind you"

it's beyond me how a man like richard hawley just keeps getting better and better with each new tune, collaboration, story and shimmering guitar lick. forget that he was in long pigs and pulp. or that he's cowritten for the likes of robbie williams and arctic monkeys. or collaborated with vocals and guitar for elbow. since 2001 the man has been releasing prime solo material and with each of his six or so releases his well-worn voice and teddy boy style have become more at ease and more dominating than the last. and by the sounds of this lushly layered chamber pop track, the new release, standing at the sky's edge (out in america june 12, on mute), will be just as stunning.

the kid's got swag: lil' danny brown in "grown up"

how adorable and fierce is the wee version of rapper danny brown in his video for "grown up"? that kid would rule this tumblr. and then he'd totally t.p. it too. his flow is equally wicked, and i'll be downloading that single right about now, ta muchy fool's gold.