Thursday, February 28, 2008

cutest. beatles. rendition. ever.

i want this kid! please let my children be so adorable.

just about died of cuteness overload after watching it.

thanks to team luis for the introduction.

the oscars and my hat

it's been a while. work is busy, home life is busy, haven't had anything very exciting to blog about.

but all that's about to change. behold, my hat!

paste had a fab oscar party with red carpet, proper photographer (complete with oscar award props) and loads of food 'n' drink. thanks paste!

and just in case you're wondering, i'll be watching y o u at the band's surprise party tonight. the guys will be showcasing their new style (horns, back-up singers, wicked) as well as a u2 cover for paste's upcoming tribute to joshua tree. see ya there!

Friday, February 8, 2008

l.a. tool and die - daft name, brill band

it's very rare for me to post about something i just heard and just need everyone else to hear. this is a charlotte band that sent in their cd to our southeast performer offices, complete with this brilliant piece of promo:

and on the back:

ha! check out the band: l.a. tool and die. apparently they're named after a 1979 movie of some sort but i still think it's a daft name. still, can't wait to see how they do. we'll be sure to have them in the mag soon.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

a real guitar hero

thanks to wired's listening post blog for pointing this out.

hopefully soon (later this year) we'll have a for-real guitar hero game, where you can actually learn to plan an actual guitar not just a lot of buttons. which is actually what i thought guitar hero was in the first place. i was dead disappointed to say the least.

it's still not clear how they rate you, since the layout is the same as guitar hero, but i'm stoked none the less. see the video below:

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

aew madness

this is just about the most surreal thing i've ever seen...

check out the band's make-up cd release party at criminal this saturday. remember - no glass!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

new issue of southeast performer is here!

from my mag's myspace:

One month into 2008 and we can already tell this year is going to be a corker. In Atlanta alone we’ve had fun-packed CD Release Parties for The Selmanaires, Anna Kramer and the Lost Cause, Attractive Eighties Women (which ended in blood, sweat and possibly some tears) and Rahbi, as well as a pre-release listening part for Tentonic’s upcoming EP Blueprint. Phew.

But enough of our reminiscing; onto our brand spanking new February issue, featuring the charming lads of Y O U. The guys have been running their Surprise Party at Atlanta’s 10 High every Thursday since the beginning of the year, and we couldn’t giggle more with every new idea they get. We’ve been treated to The Yacht Rock Revue, Fleetwood Mac Attack and The Dark Side of the Rainbow so far, and this Thursday we’ll be right there watching the band tackle “‘80s Soundtrack Hits On Synthesizers.”

The cover story itself has Harold Zimm chatting to the band about the various faces Y O U has taken from its career, from characters in Homestar Runner to “sandle-rockers” Three Dog Stevens.

King of Prussia celebrates the resurrection of Kindercore Records with a new record on the legendary Athens label. Nashville’s Tommy and the Whale explains why its not so bad being a pop band in a country town. Tampa Bay rapper Emcee Anime tells us about how he puts his rhymes together. Apparently it’s like sex. His words, not ours.

In our Show of the M
onth we celebrate Atlanta magazine Stomp and Stammer’s 11th birthday with great performances by The Black Lips, Deerhunter (possibly the band’s last for a while), Snowden and The Selmanaires. The latter of which, not surprisingly, features again with the band’s new release The Air Salesmen being our CD of the Month.

In the Gear Up section we have some great book reviews, including a rundown of legendary producer Phil Ramone’s tome, Making Records: The Scenes Behind the Music.

For those more involved with the workings of the venue, we have as article in our DIY section called Building a Rock Club, featuring The Silverlake Lounge in Los Angeles, Great Scott in Boston and The Triple Rock Social Club in Minneapolis.

Make sure you pick up the mag at any good music venue, indie record store or instrument retailer. If you can’t find us, let us know! We’ll point you in the right direction.

And for those of you playing at South by Southwest this year, make sure you send us the details for your showcase. We look forward to seeing you all there.

Leila – ed.

Monday, February 4, 2008

sun and fun part four

on the ship again. tim playing slots on his birthday!

sun and fun part three

in jamaica at firefly, noel coward's house.

sun and fun part two

in grand cayman

sun and fun with barenaked ladies

here's some pics from my recent cruise with barenaked ladies. we stopped in at the cayman islands and jamaica while we were at it. lovely.

first bunch - on the ship.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

the selmanaires do rock

here's another super late one. would have surely got it up earlier if the bloody video would have imported normally. but it was way too big. and now i can't upload it cos it's 500mb. does anyone have a clue how to upload something bigger than 100mb? anyhoo, here's some pics.

it was a truly wicked show, and we luckily finagled our way to the front, so i could get some great pics. the band is actually in this month's issue of southeast performer, so be sure to check that out.

y-o-u yacht rock pics

sorry this is a little late - meant to put them all up before we went on our cruise (yeah i'm all tan now) but didn't get a chance. so here ya go.