Thursday, May 8, 2008


regular readers should know that i don't use all-caps without very good reason. chocolate is one such reason. and not just your average chocolate. friggin' awesome chocolate from an awesome chocolatier from an awesome chocolate restaurant at an awesome chocolate-selling shop.

kristen hard of k chocolat, whose marvelous creations can be sampled at decatur's chocolate bar (pretty much my fave dessert place in the world and go-to place for any celebration of me), will be having an event hosted by another fave of mine, kirkwood shop le petit marche. this place is the go-to store for fancy sandwiches, posh cheeses and other delectables. seriously, after eating their basil chicken & pesto panini and buying some saffron cheese for tim and my wedding anniversary, this place has me happy to be living in atlanta, which says a lot.

anyway, back to the event, which takes place may 16, 7-9pm. kirsten will be featuring her herbal-infused choccies (which apparently means we don't have to feel guilty about eating them. sold!) along with appetizers, champers (champagne for non-brit types), a gift and 10% discount off what the store itself has to offer. well, i'm in. tickets are $30, but you can get $5 off if you use this link, i believe.

see you there!


Zazous Project said... sold me...I going!

theleila said...

see ya there - got my ticket already.